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Global Toy Experts is your entry way to the people and information you need to know to grow your business.  CEO Richard Gottlieb is a globally recognized expert on the toy industry. Richard and his associates possess intimate relationships with today's most powerful decision makers in toys, play and popular media. Through their experience and extensive knowledge base, as well as Richard's connections to media and toy industry contacts, Global Toy Experts is able to partner with you to create and implement your company's future now business model.

Through Richard's accomplished public platforms as a magazine publisher, trusted media contact, and highly followed writer, established conference producer, frequent guest speaker and seasoned member of multiple executive boards and committees, he is able to raise your company's profile with decision makers and thought leaders, resulting in mass productivity and profitability for your business.​

Global Toy News is the toy industry magazine of ideas created by Richard Gottlieb of Global Toy Experts.. As the name of our magazine suggests, we are unique in taking a global view of the toy industry. Our reader demographic reflects a global view and connections are made every day on Global Toy News. We have guest writers from various fields of the play/toys industries that contribute to our online magazine including members of The Strong Museum of Play, Euromonitor International, Chicago Toy & Game Group and more.

In August 2016 we reached an amazing goal of having 1 million views on our Global Toy News website. We plan to continue the growth of the magazine with new features and new writers for 2017.

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