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Richard Gottlieb
CEO and Founder - Global Toy Group
Richard Gottlieb is a well-known toy industry commentator and CEO of the Global Toy Group which is the parent company of Global Toy Experts, Global Toy News, the World Congress of Play and Global Toy Enterprises.  Global Toy Experts is a world-renowned consultancy and resource for toy industry analysis and strategies.  

Richard is Publisher of Global Toy News, the industry resource for toy news, toy trends and analysis of the business of play. As publisher, Richard has interviewed some of the most notable people in the toy and children’s media industries.

In addition, Richard is co-founder of Global Toy Enterprises, a toy and play industry intellectual property incubator and the World Congress of Play, the only conference that includes all forms of play.

Richard combines an MBA in Global Management with years of toy industry experience to help small, medium and large toy manufacturers increase their market share.

Richard is frequently interviewed by media worldwide, and has been called on by ABC News, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, Newsweek and other media outlets.  He is a Contributing Editor to Playthings magazine in the U.S., Toys n Playthings in the U.K., Juguetes in Spain and other European toy magazines.

Considered an expert on the toy industry, Richard is frequently asked to speak at toy
industry conferences and serve on various executive panels.  Richards Building Our
Future conferences, focusing on the impact that toys and media have on the future
personal and professional choices individuals make in adulthood, have taken place
in New York, Nuremberg and Los Angeles.

Richard has written a book, Ambassador to the Kingdom of Wal-Mart and his blog, Out of the Toy Box is a popular destination for those who want to know what is happening and is predicted to happen in the toy industry.  In addition, Richard produces a monthly bulletin called what’s Next which focuses on coming trends. Richard is the Ambassador to the United States for the Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany.  In recognition of his prominence in the toy industry, Richard is member of the National Toy Hall of Fame votingcommittee.


Boards and Committees
Toy Industry Association Strategic Planning Committee
Toy Industry Association ToyCon Committee
National Toy Hall of Fame Selection Committee
Chicago Toy and Game Fair Advisory Board
Gehrson Lehrman Group Retail Council
DeMatteo Monness Consultant Network
Society of Industry Leaders

Richard has interviewed some of the most notable people in the toy and media industries.

Click here to view his latest interviews.

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Steve Velte
President - Global Toy Experts


Steve Velte is a product guy.  He personally owns all or part of ten US patents and received his Electrical Engineering degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1984. 


Steve started his long successful career almost three decades ago with Hewlett-Packard, prior to joining the company’s spinoff Agilent Technologies. During his career his technical achievements included providing first customer market placement and design input for a variety of technologies including state-of-the-art Remote Fiber Test Systems deployed in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, PC- based instrumentation and Hewlett-Packard's “acceSS7” system.  With Steve as a key team leader, “acceSS7” system sales grew from zero to over $1 billion of installed base.  


After leaving Agilent, Steve became CTO and then President of a publicly traded company -OnScreen Technologies. He raised over 8 million dollars for the company and spearheaded the development of two ground breaking next generation Light Emitting Diode (LED) display products:


RediAlert™ Rapid Dispatch Emergency Sign -  Mr. Velte conceived of this product and is a named inventor. The sign was a full 3’ x 5’ LED sign that collapsed to the size of a briefcase, could be set up by a single person and run off a car lighter. It was targeted for police, FEMA, military and emergency workers to provide immediate visual feedback in emergency situations for crowd and traffic control. It was profiled on CNBC as part of the Hurricane Conference in Orlando, FL by former FEMA director Michael Brown.


Living Window™ -  an advertising LED sign that, when placed in a window, allowed people in a store to see out, literally through the sign, yet still provided full LED adjustable advertising that could be seen from passer by’s up to a half mile away. When networked, the signs could provide store chains with centralized advertising control across multiple states. Mr. Velte conceived the product and is a named inventor.


Additional Product Development


With an interest in entrepreneurship and product development, Mr. Velte has personally introduced a variety of products and brought them into the retail marketplace.


Legendary “Cowboy Cactus™” – a three dimensional accessory for car antennas the Cowboy Cactus sported a cowboy hat, sunglasses, a handkerchief and sold over 2.5 million pieces. We established vendor numbers with Walgreens and Walmart among the large customer base.


Antenna Riders™ - Mr. Velte invented a series of two dimensional products that slide onto an antenna and appear to hold on for dear life as a car drives down the road. Licenses with Garfield and Dilbert were secured and creations such as the notable characters of “Carzilla” and the “Outsider” were made.


Ellisse” line of touch control dimmers - this a line of touch only light dimmers that are incredibly easy to use and aesthetically different than anything on the market.. The holding company, Radiant Controls, has been awarded European, Japanese and US Design patents and received an ADEX Platinum Design Award.


Jishaku™ -  Launched in June of 2008, over 250,00 games were sold as RSV’s first flagship product in the game industry and has been sold in over twenty countries.  Jishaku was named one of the top 10 games of 2009 by the Chicago Tribune  and was named Game of the Year by Learning Express and received dozens of additional industry awards.


The SCRUBLE Cube™ - A cross between Scrabble and the Rubiks Cube the Scruble Cube was sold at Toys’R’Us and Barnes & Noble and produced in five different languages and distributed internationally by Brio.


So if you are entering a new market, introducing a new product or need design input chances are Steve can help.

Miguel Ortuno
IT & Design - Global Toy Experts


Miguel has worked in various creative fields for more than 17 years and is thrilled to contribute his talents and experience to the Global Toy Experts team.  Having worked as Creative Director for a Chicagoland PR Agency for years, Miguel joins Global Toy Experts to help expand the brand in a bold, bright, fun and professional way. Although having a degree in design, Miguel continues to explore additional education and design opportunities to keep up with this ever-changing industry.

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Ingrid Heredia
Administration - Global Toy Experts


Ingrid Heredia is the Administrative Assistant for Global Toy Experts and the Subscription Manager for Global Toy News. 

Ingrid speaks Spanish and English fluently and is a B.S. candidate at Montclair State University.

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