Global Toy Experts is your entry way to the people and information you need to know to grow your business.  CEO Richard Gottlieb is a globally recognized expert on the toy industry. Richard and his associates possess intimate relationships with today's most powerful decision makers in toys, play and popular media. Through their experience and extensive knowledge base, as well as Richard's connections to media and toy industry contacts, Global Toy Experts is able to partner with you to create and implement your company's future now business model.

Through Richard's accomplished public platforms as a magazine publisher, trusted media contact, and highly followed writer, established conference producer, frequent guest speaker and seasoned member of multiple executive boards and committees, he is able to raise your company's profile with decision makers and thought leaders, resulting in mass productivity and profitability for your business.​

Global Toy Experts


Global Toy Experts is a world-renowned consultancy and resource for toy industry insight and information. We provide cutting-edge analysis and strategies to domestic toy manufacturers as well as to international providers who are looking to raise their profile in the United States & the world. We provide a full range of services for inventors including licensing and manufacturing as well as providing M&A services for companies looking to acquire or be acquired in the toy space.
The consultancy also provides unique observations and commentary at speaking engagements and conferences globally- furnishing the toy industry with exceptional blueprints for success. Additionally, Global Toy Experts publishes Global Toy News, a Web-based magazine that covers toy industry news and provides a variety of resource links.


Richard Gottlieb
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Richard Gottlieb
Principal and Founder - Global Toy Group


Richard Gottlieb is the highly regarded toy Founder and CEO of Global Toy Experts, the globally recognized consultant to toy industry leaders. In addition, he is the Publisher of Global Toy News, the toy industry’s independent voice.  

Richard is frequently interviewed by media worldwide, and has been called on by ABC News, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, Newsweek and many other media outlets. Considered an expert on the toy industry, Richard is frequently asked to speak at toy industry conferences and serve on various executive panels.  

To contact Richard for consulting, an interview or to speak at your conference, click here.

Steve Velte
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Miguel Ortuno
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Miguel Ortuno
IT & Design - Global Toy Experts


Miguel has worked in various creative fields for more than 17 years and is thrilled to contribute his talents and experience to the Global Toy Experts team.  Having worked as Creative Director for a Chicagoland PR Agency for years, Miguel joins Global Toy Experts to help expand the brand in a bold, bright, fun and professional way. Although having a degree in design, Miguel continues to explore additional education and design opportunities to keep up with this ever-changing industry.

Steve Velte
President - Global Toy Experts


Steve Velte is a product guy.  He personally owns all or part of a dozen US patents and received his Electrical Engineering degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1984. Steve started his long successful career almost three decades ago with Hewlett-Packard, prior to joining the company’s spinoff Agilent Technologies. During his career his technical achievements included providing first customer market placement and design input for a variety of technologies including state-of-the-art Remote Fiber Test Systems deployed in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, PC- based instrumentation and Hewlett-Packard's “acceSS7” system.  With Steve as a key team leader, “acceSS7” system sales grew from zero to over $1 billion of installed base.   


After leaving Agilent, Steve became CTO and then President of a publicly traded company -OnScreen Technologies. He raised over 8 million dollars for the company and spearheaded the development of two ground breaking next generation Light Emitting Diode (LED) display products:


RediAlert™ Rapid Dispatch Emergency Sign

Living Window™


After joining GTE, Steve formed an M&A division for the company and is licensed to provide these services for both buyers and sellers of companies and product lines. Here are some additional product development that Steve matured from concept to retail shelves:


  • Legendary “Cowboy Cactus™” – a three dimensional accessory for car antennas the Cowboy Cactus sported a cowboy hat, sunglasses, a handkerchief and sold over 2.5 million pieces. We established vendor numbers with Walgreens and Walmart among the large customer base. 

  • Antenna Riders™ - Mr. Velte invented a series of two dimensional products that slide onto an antenna and appear to hold on for dear life as a car drives down the road. Licenses with Garfield and Dilbert were secured and creations such as the notable characters of “Carzilla” and the “Outsider” were sold. 

  • “Ellisse” line of touch control dimmers - this a line of touch only light dimmers that are incredibly easy to use and aesthetically different than anything on the market. The holding company, Radiant Controls, was awarded European, Japanese and US patents and received an ADEX Platinum Design Award. 

  • Jishaku™ -  Launched in June of 2008, over 250,00 games were sold as RSV’s first flagship product in the game industry and has been sold in over twenty countries. Jishaku was named one of the top 10 games of 2009 by the Chicago Tribune, named Game of the Year by Learning Express and received dozens of additional industry awards.

  • The SCRUBLE Cube™ - A cross between Scrabble and the Rubiks Cube the Scruble Cube was sold at Toys’R’Us and Barnes & Noble, produced in five different languages and distributed internationally by Brio.

  • Photoloco™ - A great drawing game that incorporated unique features that made foe a fun and fast paced game.  Photoloco was licensed to Giochi Preziosi & University Games and sold throughout the US


So if you are entering a new market, introducing a new product, want to sell your company (or buy one) or simply need prduct development input chances are Steve can help.