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Have you thought about entering the Chinese consumer market but were unsure of whether you fit and, if you did, what to do? Global Toy Experts has teamed with KINGBEE Toys, a leading Chinese distributor and market veteran, to provide you with market intelligence on the Chinese consumer market tailored to your company and product mix.

China, for most western toy companies, is a large untapped consumer market. It has four times as many children as the United States, twenty times more than the United Kingdom and Germany.  Now maybe the time to grow your business by penetrating this enormous market whose consumers have high regard for western brands. First, however, you need to learn the best and safest way to enter. To assist you,

Before you enter, however, allow Global Toy Experts and KINGBEE Toys to improve your prospects and reduce your risk by providing you with market intelligence tailored to your company and its products.

We will conduct a high-level SWAT Analysis, get the opinion of your products from Key Chinese Opinion Leaders, and provide you with the following intelligence on the Chinese market:


  • Your company’s revenue potential.

  • Potential competitors.

  • Major retailers, both digital and bricks and mortar.

  • Protecting your intellectual property.

  • Key government regulations for selling products inside China.

  • Best practice brand strategies.

  • The recommended price point range for your products.

  • Competitive advertising practices.   

Contact Us to Learn More:

Call: 800-235-5650 | 646-675-3019 | 813-416-9684

Global Toy Experts

Your Gateway to the Chinese Consumer Toy Market

KINGBEE Toys is a quality distributor to the Chinese market of western brands, which include Hasbro, Mattel, Fisher-Price, Universal, EOne, Cardinal, Miffie, and the Riki Group.  

KINGBEE Toys focuses on the importing, manufacturing, and distribution of overseas toy brands to the Chinese consumer market. KINGBEE has received the prestigious vendor of the year award from Toys R Us China. In 2015, KINGBEE proudly introduced the Peppa Pig toy line to the Chinese market, and Peppa Pig has been the most popular imported brand in China for the last five years.

Global Toy Experts is a world-renowned consultancy and resource for toy industry insight and information. We provide cutting-edge analysis and strategies for domestic and international toy companies looking to raise their profile in the United States and the world.

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