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​​Global Toy Experts is your entry way to the people and information you need to know to grow your business. Through our experience and extensive knowledge of the industry, including our connections to high level toy industry contacts and media, Global Toy Experts is able to partner with you to create and implement your company's “the future is now” business model.

Some of our key strengths:

  • We provide 360 degree consulting on all aspects of the business of play.

  • We cover from ideation to sourcing, manufacturing to retail placement and professional sales recruiting and all aspects in between.

  • We can connect you with highest level toy executives in the U.S. and internationally- quickly if the opportunity requires it.

  • Provide our insights and market data on the retail markets based upon our decades of work in the toy and play industry.

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Mergers & Acquisitions
Mergers & Acquisitions

  • We work with high level contacts on both the buy and sell side in the industry to find the right partners

  • We have a standing list of acquisition requests from large and mid-tier companies and private equity firms looking to enter the toy business or expand their portfolio.

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Mergers & Acquisitions
Inventor Agents
Inventor Agents
Inventor Agents

  • We identify and provide access to toy and play company decision makers that are a fit for your product(s)

  • Evaluate inventor concepts and assist with product refinement.

  • Provide advice on securing intellectual property protection.

  • Assist with prototype development and 3d modeling for idea presentations.

  • Create effective presentation tools.

  • Product Licensing.

  • Product Development

  • Intellectual Property Analysis

  • Packaging Analysis

  • Manufacturing Assistance

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International Companies
Services for International Companies
Services for International Companies

  • Assist in developing a business model suitable for the unique U.S. market.

  • Provide a bottom up projections on potential U.S. market retail sales prior to entry.

  • Offer proprietary knowledge on visible and surprise costs of business related to major U.S. retailers.

  • Provide marketing intelligence on competition.

  • Develop a marketing plan that includes a positioning strategy for brands and products.

  • Design a sales coverage plan.

  • Provide introductions and establish relationships with key independent sales representative organizations for your company.

  • Offer recommendations on which shows, PR firms, law firms, testing and insurance providers to utilize.

  • Assist with expansion into North America

  • Assist with sales rep & distributor networks

  • Business Analysis

  • Key Account Analysis

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Services for North American Companies
Services for North American Companies

  • Business Expansion

  • Licensing

  • Business Analysis

  • Strategic Acquisitions

  • Hedge Fund Consulting

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North American Companies
Expert Witness
Expert Witness
Expert Witness


  • Testifying Experts

  • Consulting Experts

  • Global toy Experts has been providing expert witness services since 2007.

  • Highly Experienced in creating expert reports and in being deposed.

  • Broad toy industry knowledge and experience with a particular strength in intellectual property litigation.

  • Globally recognized experts on the toy industry and the business of play.

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Servce Inquiry
Service Inquiry/Request

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