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Richard Gottlieb, quoted by the world's Greatest News Outlets

The press, whether it is a newspaper, a radio station or television is continually fascinated by the business of toys and play.  Forbes, CBS, CNN, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, China Daily, The Times of India and The New York Times are just some of the news outlets that have interviewed Richard Gottlieb. In fact, to date, Richard has been quoted in over 187 unique media outlets and over 1400 media stories.

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​​​​Here are some of Richard's favorite quotes:


This is really our second hurricane in a short amount of time.

First we had the Toys “R” Us bankruptcy and now we have the proposed Mattel / Hasbro merger.

-Mattel Shares Soar on Hasbro Takeover Talk


The industry tends to think of girls as more nurturing and boys as more aggressive and violent,” Gottlieb said, explaining that "Star Wars" has been deemed a "boy" toy because of its action-oriented plot and action figure-heavy merchandise.

- Missing 'Star Wars' heroine emphasizes toy industry's gender gap


Barbie had to contend with a world that was multiracial and multicultural.

- On a crowded toy shelf, making way for a new era of Barbie

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The toy industry is essentially a 19th-century industry desperately trying to break into the 21st,’ said Richard Gottlieb, the founder of Global Toy Experts, a consulting agency.

- Shake-Up at Mattel as Barbie Loses Her Appeal


In Hong Kong, at Asia’s biggest toy fair, there are hundreds of new toy gun products on display, and their makers unabashedly sell the guns as hyper-real.  ‘It’s like a shooting gallery in there,’ says Richard Gottlieb of Global Toy Experts, an industry consultancy. ‘People are dressed as soldiers, carrying guns that look like the real thing.

- The Troubled Legacy of Toy Guns


'With many high-tech pets, technology often comes at the expense of softness,’ says Richard Gottlieb, chief executive at the New York consulting firm Global Toy Experts.

'We’ve removed the creepy factor and made the action far more natural,’ says Steve Velte, president of Global Toy Experts, a toy-development consulting company.

- Bang: The Troubled Legacy of Toy Guns.


I think the heart of the toy industry is going to move from purely physical toys to what I call 'phygital play,' said Richard Gottlieb, the chief executive of the consulting company Global Toy Experts.

- New for 2014 Holidays: Will Motorized Pets Delight Holiday Toy Shoppers?


What could be more fun than a ball? How about a robotic one? Veteran toy industry expert Richard Gottlieb had lots to say about technology and play, pointing to how kids’ tablets came out just two years after the iPad was introduced to the world.”

-Tech Toys That Can Make the Video Screen Passé


It wasn't driven by advertising or big companies,’ says Richard Gottlieb, founder of consultants Global Toy Experts. ‘It's what I call the social network of the playground. It started out in a specific geographical location and just spread from there. You get these phenomena every few years. There's a difference between creating a product that sells and a phenomenon. There's a bit of magic about it.

The Top 10 Toys That Kindle Kids’ Creativity


Wanting to be a doctor or architect or cook, that really begins when you’re young and walking around with a stethoscope or playing with an Easy Bake oven,’ says Richard Gottlieb, CEO of toy-industry consulting firm Global Toy Experts.

- A Craze for Loom Bands


Richard Gottlieb, the president of Global Toy Experts, a consulting firm, told me that, even though the Skylanders figurines are among the best-selling action figures on the market, they are counted as “video-game accessories.

- Disney’s Perfect Answer to Barbie Is Doc McStuffins


For Richard Gottlieb finding a great gift for kids comes down to play power. ‘If you take a product and you talk about the amount of joy you get out of it divided by the cost, it gives you a pretty good idea of how much play power a toy has.

- Hot Toys! Separating the Best From the Rest


I think the heart of the toy industry is going to move from purely physical toys to what I call ‘phygital play.

- Tech toys than can make the video screen passé


Gottlieb says the growth in adult end users [for play] can be attributed to three key points: the availability of leisure time, rising income and societal tolerance.

- Toys for big boys and girls

U.S. Media Outlets that featured Richard Gottlieb & Global Toy Experts

ABC | Adweek | Bloomberg News | CBS | Chicago Tribune | Christian Science Monitor | CNBC | CNN | CNN International | Entrepreneur | Forbes | Fox News | Inc. | Los Angeles Times | Marketwatch | Money Magazine | MSNBC | NBC | New York Magazine | New York Post | New York Times | New Yorker | Newsweek | NPR | PBS | Slate | Smart Money | The Atlantic | Time | USA Today | Wall Street Journal | Washington Post


International Media Outlets that featured Richard Gottlieb & Global Toy Experts

BBC | China Daily | Daily Mail | Irish Times | London Times | Manila Times | NHK | Peoples Daily | The Times of India | Toronto Star

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