Below you'll see just a few of the projects that we've worked on here at Global Toy Experts.  Toy Licensing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Global Toy News (Our online toy magazine with over 1 million views), The World Congress of Play (An informative conference for the decision makers and inventors of the toy industry) and so much more.


Sold or licensed by Global Toy Experts



This innovative toy line concept out of the UK was optioned as a cartoon to HIT Entertainment and as a toy line by Mattel after extensive development work and positioning.

Shrinky Dinks

Shrinky Dinks

A famous 40 plus year old company, GTE sold the iconic Shrinky Dinks company and brand to Alex.

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This board board game was placed with a Dutch company, Identity Games, which sold it both overseas and in the United States. Jishaku was also placed with Piatnik and Trefl overseas and sold through major US retailers like Target and Barnes & Noble.

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Scruble Cube

Scruble Cube

This game, which combined elements of Scrabble and the Rubiks Cube, was placed with Brio which sold it in four different languages. Scruble Cube was also sold into Barnes & Noble & Toys’R’Us.

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We sold this traditional toy company, Citiblocs, to Alex Brands.

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This fun drawing game using pictures and imagination was placed with University Games and Giochi Preziosi and sold throughout the USA.

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toy industry magazine
Global Toy News

Global Toy News is the toy industry magazine of ideas created by Richard Gottlieb of Global Toy Experts. As the name of our magazine suggests, we are unique in taking a global view of the toy industry. Our reader demographic reflects a global view and connections are made every day on Global Toy News. We have guest writers from various fields of the play/toys industries that contribute to our online magazine including members of The Strong Museum of Play, Euromonitor International, Chicago Toy & Game Group and more.

In August 2016 we reached an amazing goal of having 1 million views on our Global Toy News website. We plan to continue the growth of the magazine with new features and new writers for 2018.

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Global Toy Experts and Creativity
World Congress of Play

Global Toy Experts and Creativity, Inc. created the World Congress of Play - A conference that brings all the play industries together in one place at one time. Categories include Video Games, Traditional Toys, Digital Play, Board Games, Music, Entertainment, Theme Parks, Play Advocacy, and more. Bringing the diverse play industries together will foster new relationships, ideas and business so that all may prosper in a rapidly changing play market

This was a fantastic opportunity for leaders from the world's toy and play industries to unite to discuss the future of this industry and what we can do to keep the kids (and adults) playing.  We have been so lucky to have representatives from so many brands including: LeapFrog, Toy Industry Association, Kmart, Crayola, Lima, Thinkfun, Playworld Systems, Euromonitor International, Chicago Toy & Game Group, Sphero, Women in Toys, Mattel, Toys R Us and more.

Click here to visit the World Congress of Play site and view videos and photos of from our past events.



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